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Re: POP3 and SMTP server for an ISP


Thanks for your quick answer. It sounds so interesting.

>I don't use MySQL. I use exim as my smtp. All my users are not real unix

May I ask you how many users do you have, and have do you allow your users
to change their passwords? I'm wondering how do you handle so many users
(expiration, adding/deleting users or domains and so on) with password
files. Actually I need MySQL because of the billing system, that's possible
I'd also have to create scripts if  I  use different password files. Tell
you the truth I'd use MySQL because the web management also.

>I use a heavily patched gnu-pop3d to support the separate passwd files and
>mailbox locations. It works by IP (one IP per domain name) or by appending
>the domain name to the POP3 USER name.

Okey, what do you think about the security of exim?

Mihaly Litzler

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