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Re: POP3 and SMTP server for an ISP

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Russell Coker wrote:

> Postfix should work if you use something like maildrop for delivery.
> Apparently you can hack wrapper scripts to check LDAP or SQL for user
> details.  I'm investigating this myself now.

sendmail 8.11.2 comes with LDAP support (not SQL) built in and can use
maildrop for delivery.  That leaves the mail queue as the bottleneck,
and fortunately, 8.11.2 supports multiple queue directories (this
support is nicely extended in the 8.12 beta series)

> if you have to FSCK them you can do it in parallel.  Also having two separate
> file systems should speed up delivery on SMP machines (haven't tested this
> theory though).

but only if you can have multiple queue runners right?

Rick Nelson
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