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Re: POP3 and SMTP server for an ISP

Hello again.

I've been closely following this thread, and I was wondering what sort of
system that would be recommendable for 50.000+ users? No local access and
no home directories is wanted, but pure mass hosting. Maildirs I assume is
I've tried some programs, but they fail horribly when the system gets
big. I have been wondering about file system limitations too. Say you have
5000 users in each subtree and they have between 100 and 30.000 emails in
their folders. (The large figure is an example of a smartass like me. lol)
Preferrable all user authentication is done in MySQL or other SQL server.

Any recommendations, ideas or so??

/Roger Abrahamsson

Roger Abrahamsson, Sys/Net Admin, Obbit AB
Radhusespl.17D, S-90328 Umea, Sweden

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