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Re: POP3 and SMTP server for an ISP

On Monday 26 February 2001 09:30, Roger Abrahamsson wrote:
> I recently saw this article on LWN
> http://www.lwn.net/2001/0222/kernel.php3
> Where it shows the problems with large ext2 directories and a possible
> future solution. I was in the process of switch to maildirs and use
> several servers with NFS instead, but this puts it all on the head. I dont
> know if any current linux fs can show good performance with large
> directories and also export this over NFS. ReiserFS seems good but lacks
> in NFS if you dont apply some serious patches to the system, and I am
> reluctant to do that in a production system.

Ext2 performance is good for ~500 files per directory, OK for up to 3000 
files per directory, and only starts getting really slow at about 10000 files 
per directory.
Very few users will have the 10,000 files per directory needed to make Ext2 
really slow in this regard, most mail servers have quotas installed which 
make such situations impossible.
Almost all users will be doing POP operations that benefit from Maildir.

Even on Sun's UFS (which gives much less performance than Ext2) Maildir is 
significantly better than mbox.

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