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RADIUS accounting and block accounts

I am about to finally set up portslave to authenticate with RADIUS (so
that it can be replaced by a NAS).  Anyway the RADIUS authentication
will backend to an LDAP database, but I was just wondering if it would
be possible to backend the RADIUS accounting to a PostgreSQL database?
Can anyone recommend a radius server that would support this (but it
will be used exclusively for accounting, unless it supports LDAP and has
a good license).

This leads to the next question, I would like to be able to
automatically disable accounts and disconnect them if they've used up
more than allocated hours.  So say they have a 20 hour block acount,
when it gets up to 20 hours I would like to d/c them and disable logins
untill the next month.  Is this possible at all?  Or is it going to
require a bit of hacking and a few perl scripts?


Jeremy Lunn
Melbourne, Australia

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