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exim smarthost

Hello people,

last week I posted a question about Lotus Domino SMTP and Exim on the same
server.. I got several responses and this is what I tried so far (and
because It's not working: here I am again :-)))

I've set up domino on the same IP using port 26 and runs internally.
exim is running as incoming smtp daemon from external hosts it runs on
port 25.

Mail from the domino server is passed thru to the exim smtp and then sent
to the internet, this part works.

Now I have the idea I have to set up a smarthost in exim to forward mail
from port 25 tot port 26. When I try something with the SMTP transport
then I get the warning that the smarthost is also local and that it can't

How do I manage this?


kind regards,

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