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pppd-server with 'none' or same 'user-id/Password'


I like to install a small ppp-Server for public access with 8 serial lines 
and I need a solution.

I like to do following:

1)      The clients can log in with any User-ID/Password combinations
        and get a predefined IP-Address (possibel with RADIUS)

2)      The user can login as name/name and get an IP from a pool which 
        I have allowed to access the server. (deny/allow rules by server). 
        It must be possibel to allow more then one name/name user to log 


Server1         allow acces from
Server2         allow acces from
Server3         allow acces from

A client which log in as

user/user       will get an IP from the pool
tux/tux         will get an IP from the pool
game/game       will get an IP from the pool

If I have only one client, it is no problem, but if I have more the one
client which login, RADIUS failes.

How can I do it ???

Many thanks in advance


Michelle's Internet-Service

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