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sendmail virtual pop

I installed sendmail on debian, with using linuxconf to set everything
up for virtual pop account, I am able to send mail to my server and the
message goes into the correct spool in /var/spool/vmail/ DOMAIN/ USER/.
This all works fine, but I am not able to log into my system with the
username/password that I specified in linuxconf.  This is because they
are not regular users.  All the information is in the
/etc/vmail/shadow.DOMAIN , /etc/vmail/passwd.DOMAIN, and
/etc/vmail/aliases.DOMAIN.  Where would I put this information, so when
I login for a certain domain that it pulls up the correct password file
and shadow file, and if it isn't one in the /etc/vmail directory it get
it from the system passwd and shadow.
Any ideas?

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