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Re: pop3 and Maildir

On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 03:28:07PM +0100, Roger Abrahamsson said:
> Well, all I've seen is that the qmail system seems to be an integrated
> package. We here are also looking into switching to maildirs, and
> courier-imap seems very nice, especially with mysql authentication. Latest
> upstream courier-imap also have a pop3 server with it, but sofar I have
> not succeded in getting mysql support compiled in. If anyone has knowledge
> of how to get this working on a debian system I would be very happy.

We are probably going to use Courier 1.3.1 on a new system. However, our
problem is that we want to use LDAP for authetication and we have to
use OpenLDAP 2 (LDAP v3) because of the rest of the system.
Unfortunately Courier can't authenticate with OpenLDAP 2 (only 1). So,
now I'm wondering if someone has used Courier IMAP with authentication
through OpenLDAP 2 and if so, if the patch or extra module is or can be
made available?


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