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Re: pop3 and Maildir

qmail's pop-3 daemon for example.

On Tue, Feb 13, 2001 at 09:18:17AM +1000, Mitchell wrote:
> Hi, I was wundering if anyone knows of any pop3 daemons for Debian that
> support the Maildir format.  We are currently using exim as our MTA with
> courier-imap for access to the mailboxes.  I have as yet been unable to
> find a courier-pop3d package for Debian, and it would seam that this is
> only available as part of the entire courier MTA package which provides
> imap, MTA, mailing lists, and such. 
> vpopmail is also not an option as it depends on qmail and appears to
> have it's own proprietry CDB format for storing usernames and passwords. 
> exim currently is just authenticating users from the /etc/passwd
> /etc/shadow files, and we are looking in to switching to mysql
> authentication here. 
> pop3-lite shows promis as it's nice and modularised, but I can not yet
> find a plugin to allow it to read for Maildir. 
> Any  hints here would be muchly appreciated. 
> I am not against the idea of building deb packages from sorce if there
> isn't currently anything pre-packaged that will do the job. 



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