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Re: Interix Installation Issue - apparently solved

On Tue, 14 Apr 2009, Brian Amundsen wrote:

Martin, thank you for the support you provide.  I'm sure this is not a
minor amount of time which you have to invest in keeping this project
on track.  I have just a couple of quick questions.

1. I think Debian is a great project, it was my firt introduction to
Linux about four years ago.  The current Debian Linux installer brings
the user a full OS/Desktop/Network compliment with a X-Server and Gnome
desktop suite. I understand that Interix is really meant as a way for
Windows developers to migrate Unix applications to Windows.  I
believe this is also your reason for the Debian-Interix project and you
only expect to provide some the great Debian build tools and have no
intent to have users that run Unix or Linux applications
in an X-Window in order to get the best of both worlds applications.
Is my understand correct?

No, not necessarily. Together with Xming running on Win32 a full desktop could be build in theory. It's just the limited resources which prevent that. But any help on this is welcomed. The current biggest problem for this is that I can't build new glib2.0 packages, as ld unfortunately silently crashes always.

I ask because I know that Microsoft's support for XP, as of this week,
is only going to be security fixes. I'm using Debian-Interix to relearn
the Unix environment, in preparation to migrate to UNIX has my core
OS.  I will eventually have to learn WINE for certain Windows only
applications.  So if I was to install XMing will there be enough
userland applications built for Debian-Interix to feel comfortable
and be prepared to move to Debian/kFreeBSD or Debian/Hurd in the next
year or two. Your thoughts?

Probably there will not be enough on debian-interix currently. Your planned move will certainly come with several other issues as well which never can be simulated/prepared by debian-interix. You should learn more about Debian/* and Unix before deciding about a migration.

2. If I'm in the windows user account (member of Administrator group)
and using ksh login to Administrator I still don't get the /usr/sbin
and /sbin paths when I type echo $PATH, I do get them as the user.  When
I use ksh login to Administrator there is a warning of command
not found syntax error :line 75; unexpected end of file.   If I use ed
to look at line 75 it is the PATH command and the line reads as
PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin:/sbin ; export PATH.  This is the last line in the
file.  Can you see anything that is missing in the line which would
cause a command error?

Other than eventually a missing newline I can't, sorry.

3. If I attempt to login as su I'm promted for the password.  What is
the su password?  I thought it would be the Administrator's password,
but that doesn't work, I also tried simple return.

You probably left out the domain part of the user name.
You should type "su PCNAME+Administrator".

4. Do I need to add the non-free src to get the right builds?  I plan
to use your "How to build..." documents and example build of athena
after correcting my DEP potential issue by using Franz'z path, I have a
AMD64 processor but run in 32 bit mode.

No, you don't. Simply start without it for now. You don't need it until you know yourself that you'll need it. (It's used rarely.)

5. I'm a security aware person in Windows, but not so sure of
myself with Interix. For example, which servers are actually running
and which could allow access to my system from the network? Do you have
a basic document to describe how to protect the Interix environment from
network attacks, virus, malware and spyware? Or is the Interix
environment protected by the Win32 environment?

Just don't run any daemons. By default there aren't any. Windows firewall is for both. This is clearly something for the Interop forum.

6. Lastly, since the Interop site has forums to help people.  I'm
wondering how much of what is in those foums can be applied to a
Debian-Interix environment? I'm assuming all of it, which isn't
connected to the build tools, and even much of that.  Again, your
thoughts are appreciated to help guide my learning in this environment.

Yes, it's always worth a look.


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