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Re: Interix Installation Issue - apparently solved

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009, Brian Amundsen wrote:


I'm sorry for sending the last request of assistance.  I notice
that to install anything I must be logged in to windows as the
Administrator and then start my ksh.  Thought I could do this from a
windows user account as long as my ksh is logged in as Administrator?

Ok, I'll change the install doc to reflect this on XP also, not only Vista.

I'm guessing this is a su issue that I'm mistaking or an security
inheritance issue that is unresolved.

On Interix "Administrator" and "Administrators Group" are different. Only "Administrator" has full power.

I notice that the windows user (Administrator group) also is skipping the PATH for sbin and usr/sbin.

On a standard SFU installation neither /sbin nor /usr/sbin is in PATH for any user. You need therefore to change that.

Also when I login as Administrator it is stating an error with the
profile/lcl.  Maybe this is all just a matter of me recalling the
security issues behind UNIX.  If I read OpenBSD manual will it help, or
is Interix or Microsoft TechNet better for these issues?

I think any Unix/Linux doc on bourne shells and /etc/profile will be ok.

I reran the apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, everything completed
correctly and the dpkg -l is clean for all packages.  I then setup your
suggest PIN preferences file to keep from upgrading to undesirable

I guess it's time for me to install the build utilities in the
technical issues section of your installation guide and then maybe
load XMING, build Clawsmail package, install it and see how things turn
out.  I'm confused by one of the statements on HOW to build .dep
packages for Debian/Interix.  You state to make sure dep-src
http://debian-interix.net/debian-interix unreleased 35 main non-free is
included in the sources.list.  But the sources.list from the bootstrap
doesn't include non-free,  do I need to add it now or is this an old

You will need a line with "deb-src". You can add non-free to it if you want to rebuild the packages already there. Otherwise you can leave it out. For building packages not yet in debian-interix you'll need another line, similar to this one, depending on which packages you want to build:

deb-src http://ftp.debian.org/debian unstable main

Be prepared that changing the package before successfully building it will likely be necessary.


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