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Re: Interix Installation Issue

On Wed, 8 Apr 2009, Brian Amundsen wrote:

Hi Martin,

I'm getting an odd error after installation now.
For some reason when I start either a tcsh or ksh I now get

sh: No controlling tty (open /dev/tty: Device not configured)
sh: warning: won't have full job control
Welcom to Interix Unix utilities

I also have warnings in my debootstrap log which indicate a repeated
error that no version found at line 2.

I'm still in the process of installation and haven't been able to open
the /etc/apt/preferences file to PIN the sources references, I keep
getting and access denied from the user and Administrator accounts.  I
even tried to use vi from within the ksh as Administrator and it didn't
work either.

Any ideas of how to proceed?

On what version of Windows and Interix do you want to install
(uname -X)?

What is the error in debootstrap.log? Can you send the log file?

You even can't open /etc/apt/preferences from Windows?

You might try to restore the /dev/* files by running


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