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Not clean reboots [was: Can't get sound or high resolution]

I probably reboot a lot more than most folks: this is kind
of an experimental box. I'd say it gets rebooted probably
once or twice a day, and still has this problem (that sounds
kind of like an accusation: no hard feelings whatsoever, just
trying to be helpful with the debugging process). Generally
what seems to happen on the problem times is that when I shut
down it tries to unmount the two partitions I've got mounted
on / and /home, and instead of the usual 'unmounting local
filesystems', or whatever it is that it usually says, it says
that it 'can't unmount /, device busy', or something along
those lines (and then a similar message for /home, I think).

Anyway, those error message are from memory, but I'm pretty
sure that's why it has to run the file-system check when it
comes back up. I usually use 'shutdown -h (or -r) now', but from
what the man pages said, there shouldn't be any difference
between that and reboot/halt, right? Anyway, I've just rebooted
a few times, and nothing's gone wrong, of course : ). Who knows?

As a related question, is it possible to put a journaling file
system like reiserfs or ext3 on one of these guys yet? And an
OT: are there any plans for ssh? I can't seems to get it--one
of the dependencies fails. Of course, I imagine y'all are up to
your ears in stuff to do--no rush. Just wondering.


On Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 12:52:12PM +0100, Richard Hirst wrote:
> I know this is a problem when rebooting during installation, but
> I'm not sure that I've seen it during normal reboots after install.
> It is on my list of things to fix though.
> Richard

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