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Re: Can't get sound or high resolution

Thanks for everyone's help! I messed up a few other things
and so I just re-installed the thing. Now sound works : ).
That saves me the embarassment of having to find out what
silly mistake I made (phew!). Anyway, I have another question
now (I hope I don't get kicked off the list by creating too
much network traffic or something)--I've noticed that semi-
regularly (like, maybe a quarter of the time) the bootup
process says that one or more of the hard-disk partitions were
not unmounted cleanly, and then it runs through a check of
the partition. This is even though I used shutdown -r now
or ctl-alt-del to restart the machine; and I think it's happened
with every (how many now? 3? 4?) install. I'm pretty sure this
isn't normal--is it a known bug, or is something strange
with my configuration (as you know, it wouldn't be the first
time : ).

  Anyway, thanks again for all the help--


(P.S. I'm running the latest KDE at 1920x1440 or some such
resolution, 24bpp. Debian GNU/Linux's cool!).

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