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Re: Can't get sound or high resolution

danielt@ee.byu.edu (Daniel Farnsworth Teichert) writes:

> I'm very pleased to have got Debian up and running on
> the our i2000 from hp, but I can't seem to get any
> higher resolutions than 640x480 (although it will
> at least give me that in 24bpp--so it's better than
> nothing).

I'm running 1856x1392 on an HP p1120 monitor quite happily, with a config that
has been tested also at 1600x1200, 1280x1024, and 640x480.  I don't think
there is anything unusual or inspired about my X config, but if you want to 
look at what I'm using, I've put a copy on the web at:

If you try this config, you can of course use the ctrl/alt/minus-on-keypad 
combination to cycle through the modes it defines.

> Also, is it possible to squeeze any sound out of these machines?

Yes.  If you're running a recent kernel-image packages, you will find the 
cs4281 driver has been included as a module.  Just do 'modprobe cs4281' and it 
should work.  Note that xmms has problems (builds ok, but segfaults at run 
time), but other audio programs seem ok.

> P.S. If this is the wrong forum for questions like
> these, please let me know. Thanks!

No, you came to the right place.  :-)  The debian-ia64 list exists specifically
to address questions about how to use Debian on IA-64 systems like the HP i2000.


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