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Please wait a little more (Re: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!)


Le 08/03/2020 à 09:33, Beatrice Torracca a écrit :
> So far there was no official notification of the system transition done.
> It would really be helpful if whoever is taking care of the transition
> would inform the translators on how to behave.
> It is not much about losing work (which would not be fair... but life
> is not fair), but surely not to insert in the database a lot of coding
> mistakes that can have a big repercussion (if you consider automatic
> translations of all shared paragraphs).

For the moment, the changes made to ddtp.d.o are not retrieved by ftp
masters to update the package descriptions, so there is no reason to
worry about bad encodings spreading to descriptions.

> In my opionion, officially there is a last dump of the old system and
> no notification of an official system change. So that dump should be
> the starting point of the new system if there is a choice to be made
> on what to discard (better yet if everything can be kept! :) ).

What we fed to ddtp.d.o is the exact database dump I retrieved from
ddtp2.d.n. The issue seems to come from how Perl handles encodings. More
specifically, the version of Debian running on ddtp2.d.n is quite old
while the one on ddtp.d.o is up to date, and that means that the
versions of Perl and some libraries are different. I'm not a Perl expert
at all, but apparently a lot has changed regarding encoding, which leads
to all the discrepancies you noticed.

We've been running this instance for some months and tried to fix all
the encoding issues we've seen, but clearly we missed some and we're
still working to correct them.

I did not expect it would take so long, apologies for that.

> Anyway, that is my opionion and it counts 0. I can live with whatever
> other choice is made. But I think it would be fair for translators to
> at least know if they have to work on the new system (and try to take
> measures to save what's lost) or wait.

As a ddtp user, I really understand your frustration. Somehow, it's even
worse to see a (seemingly) working instance of it and not be sure it's
safe to use it than a plain "nothing works" outage. :(

I'm confident we can fix it soon and even correct all the encoding
issues that have been inserted recently, but for the moment, let's say
it's better to wait a little more.


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