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Re: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!

Hi all,

On martedì 03 marzo 2020, at 09:17 +0100, Thomas Vincent wrote:
> Luckily, I have retrieved the last available version of the database
> backup yesterday evening, so that means that at worst we don't have the
> last day of contributions on DDTSS (I don't know at what time DB daily
> backups are prepared).
> So, what I propose to you instead is that we start the migration process
> tonight and let you know when ddtp.d.o is ready to be used (hopefully
> tomorrow morning).

Thanks for working on this. I noticed ddtp.d.o is already up and
running and I tried working on it a bit, even thought there was no
further comunication about it being ready to be used.

Maybe you already know this, but there is one problem we, in the
Italian team, noticed with accented characters. There seems to be some
character code issues. (see for instance
where the word "è" (second word of the first paragraph) become some
unrecognizable character.

The frame where the diff was shown for updated translations is also
missing...but I guess you already know this.

If you are already aware of these issues, sorry for the noise.

Thanks to all who are taking care of the DDTP/DDTSS.


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