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Re: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!

On venerdì 06 marzo 2020, at 01:00 +0300, Andrey Skvortsov wrote:


> > > 
> > > The frame where the diff was shown for updated translations is also
> > > missing...but I guess you already know this.
> > 
> > Nope, this one is new. Thanks for reporting!
> Beatrice, do you mean like on attached screenshot?

No. Not the diff from previous revision. But the diff from previous
translation in the database when a description is changed in the
debian package repository.

When a description translation has to be udpdated, like this one,


you can see at the very bottom a link to a patch with the diffs


In the old system, the contents of that page with the diff where shown
in a box under the comments' box.



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