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Re: Please wait a little more (Re: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!)

On lunedì 09 marzo 2020, at 01:13 +0100, Thomas Vincent wrote:


> We've been running this instance for some months and tried to fix all
> the encoding issues we've seen, but clearly we missed some and we're
> still working to correct them.
> I did not expect it would take so long, apologies for that.

There is definitely no need to apologize!!

We lived so much with a very unstable system, that waiting a bit
longer is no big deal. 

As you said it was confusing to see a seeming new working system and
not being able to use it (I know... I rushed to use it the first day
it was online :)

> I'm confident we can fix it soon and even correct all the encoding
> issues that have been inserted recently, but for the moment, let's say
> it's better to wait a little more.

Perfect, at least now all teams are aware of that.

Do you think it would be possible to write a project message in the page, with a warning? Something like

"This istance of the DDTSS is currently under testing. All translation work donein the testing period might be lost when the final system is officially in place."

Or something like that in a better English :). I can write Project messages, I think, so I can try to do it myself if it helps.

Thanks a lot again,



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