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Re: Again about anonymous contributions to DDT*

To be honest, until now I reported only a small subset of the problems that
I encountered.
Same for me. Last found: libclass-isa-perl. Completely impossible to
understand, full of jargon, etc, etc.
Yes and no. If you have never programmed, don't know about object
orientiation and Perl in particular, it's hard to understand. After some
googling I felt fit to provide something to my reviewers.

And this is one of the translation problems. Is it possible that policy
formerly allowed to be more technical for technical users? (I didn't find
it in recent policy/maintainer's guide). The translators - usually just a
few of them - sometimes have to do quite a lot of research. Basically
this indicates that $average_user also might not understand what this
package will do.

> I added a few funny comments ...

Unfortunately Google was not very helpful in understanding the joke
at first glance.

At least both of us don't have reached the end of our localization way.
Localization is also about adapting to the cultural specifics, isn't it?
We missed that ;-)

- beer, choucroute, knuckle of pork, green cabbage ...
- wine, (calvados), cheese, baguettes ...

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