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Re: Again about anonymous contributions to DDT*

On 12/08/2011 22:55, Christian PERRIER wrote:

It unfortunately seems that several contributors, here around, now
seem more interested in quantity than quality,

probably there are people, like me, that don't know very well English, so they use also the DDTSS to learn, but I think that it is more fast and simple to correct some wrong words/sentences than translate all from zero.

if I believe the
"support" got by keeping the possibility of anynomous cra^W

Probably the anonymous Italian contributor don't are so bad.
For example I start contributing DDTSS as anonymous for about 2-3 month.
Other people have done the same (after a while I encourage they to take a login and use it, if they are very active). I think that some Italian anonymous contributor are l10n translators that sometimes translate/correct some DDTSS packages description.

And I will certainly keep the doors locked for French

I think if the French team have very bad anonymous experience, than this can be a solution.

(you know...those
dudes who translate everything....but insist on translating *well*
more than translating *a lot*).

but in some case there is need to translate *a lot*, or better there is a lot of very easy work to do, for example: * short description now without article or uppercase/lowercase ("a blue game" -> "blu game" or "Blue game" -> "blue game" or "Blue Game" -> "Blue game");
* typo correction;
* new version in the description ("work for Perl 5.0" -> "work for Perl 5.1"); * very similar to other already translated ("This package contain the debug symbols for glib" -> "This package contain the debug symbols for Iceweasel" -> "This package contain the debug symbols for x.org" -> ...);
* new layout of the description, for example:
   This package is intended to be a replacement for the new
   This package is intended to be a
   replacement for the new
* new spacing & C.
  This package is a new
  This package  is a new
  This a dummy package
  This a dummy package.

I think that DD must try to facilitate the translation work:
1) try to use some standard paragraphs
   for example for abc-dbg:
   "This package contain the debug symbols."
   and not
   "This package contain the debug symbols for abc."
   If the package is named abc-dbg than you already know that the debug
   symbols are for the abc packages;
2) avoid use of multiple space, use upper case for name (es: Perl and
   not Perl), ending each paragraph with a point, ...;
3) do not make change unnecessary (for example change the layout);
4) ...


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