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Re: Again about anonymous contributions to DDT*

On 08/12/2011 02:00 PM, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
Christian PERRIER wrote:
I also insist strongly on having input from the German team about the
status of their anonymous contributor(s).
The question here is how to define the team. At least for the
German l10n I see different people working on different

I add today a userlist at the ddtss...

The page make a summary:

            #   trans   review
IP-User    783  1821    12749
login-User  95  7124    16809

(at the beginning the ddtss don't know logins...)

But there also same very old user (last seen in 2008)

see: http://ddtp.debian.net/ddtss/index.cgi/userlist/de

- Anonymous fetches: Actually there are a few people who pull in some
descriptions without working on them. Anonymous fetches may also
be script driven. Perhaps the IP fetching dozens of descriptions
had libcommons-httpclient-java, libmenu-cache1 and libtag1c2a on
his shopping list?

question for the new system:
  should we differ translation/fetch/review/ rights?

  I don't think this is useful...


- Anonymous contributions (4):

 > Is there someone cooperating on a regular basis who is using the
 > anonymous way to contribute?

As stated above: yes, sometimes.

in german we have 1821 translation and 12749 reviews form ip-user

 > Are there reasons for this person to insist on using anonymous
 > contributions or is it just because (s)he doesn't know about
 > anon-anonymous mode?

At first glance it seems to be quite an academic question. One could
try and send Fantomas a message. If he decides not to answer you
are thrown back to your favorite assumptions.


- I agree with grisu (5):
 > If we 'close' the doors, we don't get quality. ...

The question is how to attract people, integrate and how to politely
"educate" them. To produce quality in translation ideally one is
educated as technician *and* educatad as linguist *and* has lots
of experience. (BTW, ogr once asked a friend for help in reviewing
a very specific scientific description and seemed to have raised
interest for debian.)

I can't help thinking about the employers here moaning the lack of
skilled personnel that are at the same time not willing to train
people missing some skills.

yes, we should motivate our translators and reviewer, train than, join
the new ip-user in the team.

If we close the door, we don't get new people.


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