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Re: [D-I] 18 more new strings in "core" Debian Installer

On Friday 18 January 2008, you wrote:
> > msgid ""
> > "/cdrom/:Please insert the disc labeled: '${LABEL}' in the drive
> > '/cdrom/' " "and press enter."
> >
> > I don't like/understand much this sentence. '/cdrom/' is it a variable?
> > or it will part of the sentence that is displayed to the user?
> I don't like it much as well..:-)

I use that string as exactly the same string is also used in apt when it 
prompts for CD changes after the installation (and _that_ string is also 
what is displayed for CD changes during pkgsel).

I would suggest to translators that they check how the string is translated 
in apt and use the same translation in D-I (or maybe someone wants to merge 
the translations from apt into D-I?).

I don't much like the string either, but it would be even worse to have two 
different prompts.

/cdrom/ is the mountpoint.

> Frans, could you add some background (I'm not entirely sure that Frans
> is still following -i18n closely, hence the Cc)

No, I'm currently not subscribed.


P.S. /me wonders why translators don't just check the translation comments I 
included in the PO files:
#. This template uses the same text as used in the package apt for apt-cdrom
#. Do not translate "/cdrom/"

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