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Re: Temporarily mapping non-ascii->ascii characters in gettext

-=| Miriam Ruiz,  9.08.2007 12:32 |=-
> Well, at some point we should decide what to do with this kind of games, and
> this moment is as good as any other. The real problem is that in many games
> characters are printed in screen using sprites, that means, graphical images
> representing the characters, instead of real fonts such as ttf or bdf.

This brings me decades back. Welcome my Apple ][   :)

> Translating [...] will often require drawing new sprites [...].
> Upstream often won't consider doing it themselves.
> Any idea on how to handle this kind of games? At least a mapping to ASCII
> characters is a doable way.

It may be even acceptable for German users.

And I even know there is a system for representing Bulgarian[1] using
only ASCII, but I refuse to take part in such a "translation".

[1] Bulgarian uses Cyrillic glyphs.

> Maybe modifying the game so that ttf fonts could
> be handler could be a way, but it might be quite costly to do that for more
> than just a couple of games

This is clearly upstream work. There's nothing wrong in a package
maintainer doing it *with* upstream, but even then one can't "shine
everywhere" -- from your words I understand there are many games in this
situation :/

> There's no way we can get such cute
> hand-drawed or 3D rendered fonts with ttf, so the game would end up being a
> bit poorer.

Poorer - yes. Translatable - yes too. It may still use the "sprites" if
they are available for the language used.

All in all, it looks to me that such games are doomed to not be
translated :/
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