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Re: Temporarily mapping non-ascii->ascii characters in gettext

-=| Helge Kreutzmann,  8.08.2007 19:10 |=-
> recently a new game in debian[1] was i18n and in the process of
> providing German translations I noticed that "8bit characters" (like
> umlauts) where not displayed, independently of the po file beeing
> encoded in latin1 or utf-8. This was later confirmed[2] and the
> maintainer asked if it was "possible for the moment to do
> something like [map non-ascii-chars to ascii transliteration] and try
> to improve that in the future".

Do you think that finding such a "mapping" for non-latin languages it
also possible? What about all Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, etc. -based

Sorry if I sound rude, but wouldn't it be better if the time spent on
working around ascii-only support is used to remove that limitation instead?
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