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RE: Bug#436469: Temporarily mapping non-ascii->ascii characters in gettext

--- Damyan Ivanov <dam@modsoftsys.com> escribió:

> Do you think that finding such a "mapping" for non-latin languages it
> also possible? What about all Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, etc. -based
> languages?
> Sorry if I sound rude, but wouldn't it be better if the time spent on
> working around ascii-only support is used to remove that limitation instead?

You're totally right, I'll ask upstream about that or try to fix it so that
artists can add new letter sprites to the list. I'm not too much of an artist
myself, so I really doubt I'll be able to draw the new font images myself, but
I'll try to solve it the proper way.

It's probably gonna take some time, though.


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