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Re: [Draft] Request for translation updates in Debian packages

> I had exactly this "Debian I18N Task Force" in mind when I wrote the
> initial mail. I know that Christian used this term often but I never
> (really!) understood what team he referred to! I know about the NMU
> process initiated by him and assumed that he refers to a special group
> of people helping with it, but I never found (or remember) a definition

Well, from my memory, back in early September 2006 in Extremadura, I
was not alone in Casar de Caceres. We were something like 20 people,
who can easily define selves as "part of the i18n TF". And the NMU
campaign was discussed during that meeting which report has been
announced here. For sure, some parts of the work were done by me but I
still regard it as a team work (given the number of translation
updates we incorporated at that moment, it's pretty obvious).

Ditto for the people who participated in the i18n sessions at the
Debian Conference on Oaxtepec back in May 2006. Here, as well, I don't
remember being alone even though I acted later as a spokeperson (my
usual way, as you all know: by making as much noise as possible).

I perfectly understand that this may be a little more difficult for
people who didn't participate in such events to define themselves
with regards of what seems to be a self-appointed group of persons. I
guess this is what's behind your words (and partly those of MJ Ray who
seems to not support the concept of an i18n team in favor of a more
generic and vague terms of "contributors").

For sure, part of the people here in this very mailing list have been
lucky enough to have opportunities to meet up in the real life, which
makes cohesion easier. It's quite natural the other people feel
somewhat excluded from this and I regret it....I can only hope that
all of you who are in that situation will find opportunities to get in
closer touch and develop that feeling of being part of a "team".

And, just to be clear about it, I would of course define you guys
(Jens, MJ, Holger, many others I forget here) as part of the i18n
team...just because you participate here in the list and you already
contributed significantly to the i18n/l10n efforts in Debian.

Anyway, for what is worth, I've personnaly felt like being part of the
D-I "team" even before meeting up with Joey and the other guys for the
first time back in 2004. Indeed, as soon as I began working with the
other D-I people I would then define myself as part of that team even
though we never ran any formal process for this. I bet that my friend
Frans would say the same for his own contribution to D-I.

Therefore, I find this argument about the i18n "crowd" being a team or
not a little bit rethorical...

(we could of course use funnier alternatives like "i18n crowd", "i18n

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