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Re: [Draft] Request for translation updates in Debian packages

> > On behalf of the Debian Internationalisation team members I would like to
> I do not like such usage of "Debian Internationalisation team". I have
> seen this more and more often in the last time (also for other teams)
> and it sounds elitist to me.

Uh? I certainly am among the people using it quite widely and it
"only" represents for me what we currently are: a team of people
working on internationalisation of Debian, which we're doing for years

>  How to become a member? What contract do I have to sign? How often do I
>  have to meet members in real life?

Why would a team need to have such rules? The D-I team exists for
years as well, defines self as a team and many of its members have
never met, signed a contract or became "members".

From my point of view, any person who signs up to debian-i18n and
participates in it is a de facto team member.

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