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Re: translating debian menu items?

Christian Perrier wrote:

> Anyway, as I'll certainly not be the one doing the work, I can only
> bring an advice here and I just want to warn against too wide goals
> which will make the change depend on so many different parts of Debian
> that a single person will never succeed doing it and it will take more
> than one release cycle to do it.

I said that I am interested in working on this, not that I am going to
do it all alone. Mostly because I am no expert of Debian Menu system,
and do not want to accidentally reinvent the wheel.

> Even the menu l10n cannot certainly be a release goal for Etch. But
> "we" (I'd better say "you", meaning Bill, you and other interested
> parties) can at least prepare a reasonable release goal for etch+1
> which would include *at the minimum* the l10n of Debian menu
> entries...

I read your earlier messages a bit wrong, I guess. Yes, there are two
separate issues to be solved:

 (1) l10n in XDG environments (GNOME, KDE, etc.);
 (2) l10n in non-XDG environments (Fluxbox, WMaker, etc.).

I was actually talking about (1) because, as far as I know, not many
non-XDG environments benefit from l10n. Although some environments, like
Fluxbox for example, do seem to support "longtitle" and UTF-8 encoding.

> PS: we should take care of keeping Bill involved in this discussion.


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