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Re: translating debian menu items?

Christian Perrier wrote:

> Well, pardon me if that sounds a bit rude, but very often big projects
> with many goals at a time tend to never end up....:-)

Big projects like Debian? Yeah, maybe.

On a more serious side, this is not as bad as it sounds. It (XDG stuff)
is just a matter of adding a few more sections to menufile format.

There already is "menu-xdg" package that generates .desktop files. The
difference is that currently these are somewhat incomplete (lack l10n
for example), and therefore do not integrate well into XDG-friendly
desktop environments.

> So, actually, the menu l10n would already be a huge progress.

Yes it would. But if done properly, XDG menu integration may come at
nearly zero cost. The largest part that is missing _is_ l10n.

> Not saying that work on the XDG/Debian menu merging is Not Good, of
> course...

It is really just a matter of "do we want it?" and "what exactly do we
want?". For example, will GNOME/KDE guys be willing to drop current menu
and comply with Policy?

I am not saying that this is easy, but I am at least willing to try.

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