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Re: translating debian menu items?

Christian Perrier wrote:

> This is something I discussed with Bill Allombert at the Solutions
> Linux expo back in February which is the last time we met.

Some time ago I had a short conversation with him on this issue via email.

> Bill is very opened to this, but it probably needs work *inside* menu
> to support localized entries such as "title-xx" and "longtitle-xx" and
> *outside* menu so that .desktop files are translatable through the use
> of PO files (something like a "po-menu" utility working similarly to
> po-debconf and putting the strings in debian/po).

In addition to extending menufile format so that it would include all
necessary information for generating localized menus, I also suggested
merging Debian Menu with XDG menu in a way that appropriate .desktop
files could be generated via Debian Menu system. This would allow us to
have Policy compliant [1] menu structure in freedesktop.org-friendly
desktop environments, and get rid of duplicate menu entries that
currently plague these DEs.

I will not go into detail, as I have not yet received his answers to all
my messages, but this is something I am really interested in working on.

[1] Not the current one. The one we are working on (bug #361418).

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