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Re: translating debian menu items?

Quoting Paul Wise (pabs3@bonedaddy.net):
> Hi,
> I'm packaging[1] khmerconverter[2] for debian. As it contains a GUI app,
> I would like to put it on the Debian Menu. Since it is a Khmer related
> application, I would like to have a Khmer translation for the menu item,
> which happens to be conveniently located on the upstream website[3]. Is
> there a way to do this? The documentation in the menu package doesn't
> help much. I know it is possible with .desktop files, but I'd like to
> add the translation to the Debian menu too.

This is something I discussed with Bill Allombert at the Solutions
Linux expo back in February which is the last time we met.

Bill is very opened to this, but it probably needs work *inside* menu
to support localized entries such as "title-xx" and "longtitle-xx" and
*outside* menu so that .desktop files are translatable through the use
of PO files (something like a "po-menu" utility working similarly to
po-debconf and putting the strings in debian/po).

You actually had a very good idea to raise this up, Paul..:)

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