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Re: Wordforge, Pootle, GSoC, Debian

On Thu, May 25, 2006 at 08:09:54PM +0200, David Fraser wrote:
> History and Design
> -------------------
> Structure
> ---------
> Working Together
> ----------------
> It really seems like Debian and WordForge's needs and goals are aligned, and this isn't just coincidental, it's because we have a 
> similar philosophy. From my reading of the discussions it seems like we have the same idea about the challenges and solutions to 
> managing free software localization. Long term I am sure we will end up with a great system that benefits not only these two 
> projects but the whole free software and localization communities.
> For the GSoC and the short term, it is important to outline what the main goals to be achieved are. Then we will see the way best 
> forward for the project together that benefits everyone. So as Christian and others have said, I think this initial discussion is 
> really important. I'd really like everyone to work out of the same version control tree, and to be sharing and talking often as 
> we progress, so that we keep moving forward together. (We use IRC: #pootle on irc.debian.org/irc.freenode.org is the usual 
> channel, and any discussion welcome there).
> So, I hope that information is useful, particularly to all those who have been involved in the discussion and planning (what is 
> the status of the GSoC project? accepted?)
> I have left out a lot of the plans about making Wordforge a distributed system etc simply because I hope everyone is aware of it, 
> so this is just a current technical status info email
> Any questions welcome, I look forward to more discussion and working together

I like to setup a pootle test server (cvs version) for the translation
of the debian package descriptions. 

We have >10000 pot-files for the debian package description. We will
get >180000 po files with the 18 languages. 

This pootle server should not be a real production server. Only for
test the pootle system (with real data) and to get first experiences
in a debian environment. 

See you some problems? Or have you comments? Or should I wait for

btw: I like to setup a transdict test server too. But I need some more
     pointers for this... Maybe someone can help?

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