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Re: Wordforge, Pootle, GSoC, Debian

Michael Bramer wrote:

I like to setup a pootle test server (cvs version) for the translation
of the debian package descriptions.
We have >10000 pot-files for the debian package description. We will
get >180000 po files with the 18 languages.

This is a very interesting challenge.

So far we have thought of a hierarchical structure of files in Pootle. For example, We can have

Folder Debian
    Folder French
        Folder Debian Installer
             Folder level 1   ------ po files
        Package descriptions
    Folder Khmer
Folder OpenOffice

Having 10,000 packages without structure (in the same folder) requires a different type of interface, we cannot just list all the files in a folder and show their percentage of translation, or calculate on the fly the total percentage of translation in the folder (search 10,000 files), we have to specify an interface that will allow the users to go directly to a specific package, or to a partial listing that contains that package. Or maybe I am wrong and there is a structure?

Also, it might be interesting to wait until Pootle is working internally with XLIFF files (next month) to test it, because then we will have a very clear idea of the real performance, and this will point very clearly at what needs to be improved (or modified). The present version (0.9) uses PO internally. The new one will use XLIFF internally, but will allow download and upload of PO files that are generated on the fly from the XLIFF file, or merged into the XLIFF files.


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