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Re: Wordforge, Pootle, GSoC, Debian

Michael Bramer wrote:
> On Thu, May 25, 2006 at 08:09:54PM +0200, David Fraser wrote:
>> History and Design
>> -------------------
> ...
>> Structure
>> ---------
> ...
>> Working Together
>> ----------------
>> It really seems like Debian and WordForge's needs and goals are aligned, and this isn't just coincidental, it's because we have a 
>> similar philosophy. From my reading of the discussions it seems like we have the same idea about the challenges and solutions to 
>> managing free software localization. Long term I am sure we will end up with a great system that benefits not only these two 
>> projects but the whole free software and localization communities.
>> For the GSoC and the short term, it is important to outline what the main goals to be achieved are. Then we will see the way best 
>> forward for the project together that benefits everyone. So as Christian and others have said, I think this initial discussion is 
>> really important. I'd really like everyone to work out of the same version control tree, and to be sharing and talking often as 
>> we progress, so that we keep moving forward together. (We use IRC: #pootle on irc.debian.org/irc.freenode.org is the usual 
>> channel, and any discussion welcome there).
>> So, I hope that information is useful, particularly to all those who have been involved in the discussion and planning (what is 
>> the status of the GSoC project? accepted?)
>> I have left out a lot of the plans about making Wordforge a distributed system etc simply because I hope everyone is aware of it, 
>> so this is just a current technical status info email
>> Any questions welcome, I look forward to more discussion and working together
> I like to setup a pootle test server (cvs version) for the translation
> of the debian package descriptions. 
> We have >10000 pot-files for the debian package description. We will
> get >180000 po files with the 18 languages. 
> This pootle server should not be a real production server. Only for
> test the pootle system (with real data) and to get first experiences
> in a debian environment. 
> See you some problems? Or have you comments? Or should I wait for
> something?
At the moment when Pootle first starts up it does a whole lot of
indexing of files. This is faster than it used to be, but still should
really happen in the background, as this information is not needed for
I just mention this so that if it seems really slow you understand why
at the moment (with that many files). Once the indexing is made to
happen in the background startup will be a lot faster
I would recommend you start off with a subset to give yourself a feel -
or have two different setups, one that will be for playing around with
the interface etc, and another one for testing the scalability with many
files and projects

I'll be listening for any questions or problems you have...


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