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Re: Translation owner

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En/na cobaltós (aka Bart Cornelis) ha escrit:
> to become a reviewer, you just start replying to RFR and LCFC mails on-list 
> with your review comments. 
> -> you only need to know how to use a mail-client, and send in comments to
>    the list 
> -> the review process is informal and free-weeling:
>    - no 'minimum number of reviews needed'
>    - instead there's a minimum number of days (3 for the Dutch team) you
>      have to wait for comments before going to the next stage
>      (RFR->LCFC->aproved, RFR or LCFC might repeat) along with the agreement
>      that ongoing discussion blocks going to the next stage.

At this point I think we must to introduce a new step. I work with a
small translators group and I can't know if other translators has
reviewed my document. We must have a "reviewer counter">=1 before we
have the document aproved!

>    - ITR's also temporarily block going to the next stage (indeed that's
>      there purpose)
>    - final descision after discussion always goes to the translator.
>      Discussion often involves some back and forth to find better
>      translations (especially with some of the more technical debconf
>      strings)
>    - can branch of DICO discussion to reach concenus on translation
>      terminology, outcome of which gets logged in the wiki.
> once review has ended the translator 'commits', usually by sending in a 
> wislist bug

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