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Slides from the Debconf6 2nd BOF about i18n infrastructure

The slides we used during the 2nd BOF of Debconf about i18n
infrastructure are available at:


And the sheet of paper that was used to summarize all ideas that have
been floating around is also available at:



This has never been intended to be an exhaustive sumamry or
whatever. That one has still to be done (probably on the wiki where
starting an i18n/ directory would be good).

I encourage those of you who couldn't attend Debconf to watch for
general annoucements about the availability of the video
material...and look at the two "i18n infrastructure" ad-hoc sessions

We still have some work to do here. Mostly for myself and Javier,
prepare the i18n "state of the art" talk we will handle from tomorrow
21:00UTC in the "Parliament tower".

The video stream should be available at 


An IRC channel will be available during the talk for questions:

#dc6-talks-tower on irc.debian.org (aka "freenode")

Please look at the channel topic to learn about how to send questions
(it mostly need to address someone specific AND mention your real

Hopefully, the video stream will be correct (you can never now
here...the network connection is sometimes flaky) but anyway, this
also will be taped.

Actually, and even though I absolutely have no time for writing things
down, I can tell to all of you that things are *incredibly
progressing* when it comes at setting down ideas for the i18n

I hope that we have addressed all concerns that many of you have
mentioned here or on IRC channels. I especially thank Denis Barbier
who took time to write things down. Be sure, Denis, that I read them
and they were great help to clear up the ideas we already have
floating around.

Let's hope we will be able to keep up the good work and continue this
way. I can assure all of you people that I'm absolutely enthusiast
about all this.


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