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Re: ranslation owner (was: Slides from the Debconf6 2nd BOF about i18n infrastructure)

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> (24/05/2006):
> Quoting Stefano Canepa (sc@linux.it):
> > I don't know if there is a reference but:
> > ITT = Intent To Translate (as ITP)
> > RFR = Request For Review
> > LCFC = Last Chance For Changes
> s/Changes/Comments
> You can add "TAF" to this, which means "Work To Do" (Traduction A
> Faire in French...."taf" being also french slang for "work")
> When it comes at the status of translation, we also have:
> BTS: reported in Debian BTS. Should also include the bug number for
>      tracking reasons
> HOLD: put on hold by a coordinator, either a team coordinator or the
>       maintainer. Usually because one of these feels that the strings
>       are not ready for translation work
> FIX: fixed in the maintainer's reporsitory but not in the published
>      work

This one is a convenience tag for bugs fixed in NMU, very similar with
done (but due to the bts structure, it can't be the same tag). When the
translation has been included in the maintainer's repository, we usually
use the hold tag, followed by a manual done when the package has been

> DONE: used in status mails to force the crawler which parses the list
>       to recognize that the work has indeed be done

And this one is either a manual done when there is no bug (as you
stated), or an automatic status change if the related bug has been

You also have the WONTFIX tag, which is easy to understand.

Thomas Huriaux

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