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Specifications for WordForge

Javier Sola pointed me yesterday to the current specifications of

Indeed it seems that many of the ideas we've been exchanging around
are addressed in that document.

All of thus that are here have seen Javier's presentation about Pootle
and more generally the Wordforge framweork and concepts. I think this
helped us a lot to understand that Wordforge is much mor ethan Pootle
and, indeed, that even Pootle is much more than the Pootle some of us
already know about.


This is a very long document, but please try to read it if you have
some time. And be prepared: this is not carved in stone stuff, this is
something that Wordforge people are ready  TO DISCUSS and collaborate

So, yes, this is probably again discussions and talks and no
code. Yes, Gintautas, I know this....but you've been warned: We,
Debian people, currently NEEDED to discuss and settle down our ideas
BEFORE any implementation comes.


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