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Re: Slides from the Debconf6 2nd BOF about i18n infrastructure


> The slides we used during the 2nd BOF of Debconf about i18n
> infrastructure are available at:
> http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/i18n/debconf6-bof2.pdf 

Great job.  It's already a bit difficult to keep everything in my head,
I just want to get started with the backend and see how things work
out ;)

I am still not sold on the 'translation owner' idea, I think that would
be too rigid.  Of course, this can be made configurable.

> I hope that we have addressed all concerns that many of you have
> mentioned here or on IRC channels. I especially thank Denis Barbier
> who took time to write things down. Be sure, Denis, that I read them
> and they were great help to clear up the ideas we already have
> floating around.

Yes, comments from Denis are extremely useful.

> Let's hope we will be able to keep up the good work and continue this
> way. I can assure all of you people that I'm absolutely enthusiast
> about all this.

Well, so far it's all talk and no code, so I'd rather it did not
continue in absolutely the same way ;)  Although if my application is
accepted, we should have something running in a few weeks (my first
milestone is on June 20th).

Gintautas Miliauskas

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