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Re: Specifications for WordForge

Il giorno sab, 20/05/2006 alle 08.43 -0500, Christian Perrier ha
> Javier Sola pointed me yesterday to the current specifications of
> Wordforge.
> Indeed it seems that many of the ideas we've been exchanging around
> are addressed in that document.
> All of thus that are here have seen Javier's presentation about Pootle
> and more generally the Wordforge framweork and concepts. I think this
> helped us a lot to understand that Wordforge is much mor ethan Pootle
> and, indeed, that even Pootle is much more than the Pootle some of us
> already know about.
> http://translate.sourceforge.net/wiki/wordforge/functional_specificaions
> This is a very long document, but please try to read it if you have
> some time. And be prepared: this is not carved in stone stuff, this is
> something that Wordforge people are ready  TO DISCUSS and collaborate
> with.

I had enough time to read it, good doc.

> So, yes, this is probably again discussions and talks and no
> code. Yes, Gintautas, I know this....but you've been warned: We,
> Debian people, currently NEEDED to discuss and settle down our ideas
> BEFORE any implementation comes.

IMVHO it's better to have clear ideas before implementing something


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