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Re: Specifications for WordForge

Dne sobota 20 maj 2006 13:43 je Christian Perrier napisal(a):
> Javier Sola pointed me yesterday to the current
> specifications of Wordforge.
> Indeed it seems that many of the ideas we've been
> exchanging around are addressed in that document.
> All of thus that are here have seen Javier's presentation
> about Pootle and more generally the Wordforge framweork and
> concepts. I think this helped us a lot to understand that
> Wordforge is much mor ethan Pootle and, indeed, that even
> Pootle is much more than the Pootle some of us already know
> about.
> http://translate.sourceforge.net/wiki/wordforge/functional_
> This is a very long document, but please try to read it if
> you have some time. And be prepared: this is not carved in
> stone stuff, this is something that Wordforge people are
> ready  TO DISCUSS and collaborate with.

I'm sorry to be a bit late..

The document indeed is lengthy and already covers nearly all 
we've discussed here, the differences being only debian 
specific. I haven't took time to look at it yet, but 
certainly Wordforge seems the way to go. 

Seems that Pootle would only need some profiling love. ;)

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