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Re: Slides from the Debconf6 2nd BOF about i18n infrastructure

Quoting Gintautas Miliauskas (gintas@akl.lt):

> Great job.  It's already a bit difficult to keep everything in my head,
> I just want to get started with the backend and see how things work
> out ;)

Be ready that it is now *very likely* that we will go for working with
the Wordforge people and that it is also *very likely* that the work
we will expect should be on some part of the needed implementation
that we have to discuss with Wordforge developers.

I would really like to have you guys who were'nt in Mexico be able to
see the videos of the two BOFs and also Javier Sola improvised
presentaiton on Wordforge.

> I am still not sold on the 'translation owner' idea, I think that would
> be too rigid.  Of course, this can be made configurable.

Even though this sounds too strict, I will hereby add that this is
kind of a mandatory feature. Of course, we will also need all the
needed mechanisms, including automated ones, to actually *orphan*
translations when translators are inactive on them.

> Well, so far it's all talk and no code, so I'd rather it did not
> continue in absolutely the same way ;)  Although if my application is

You have been warned. I already told this may sound a bit early for
people wanting to jump into coding in a very geeky style (small pun,
no offense intended). You're not alone wanting to jump into code, so
be sure that things will happen....but talks and discussions HAVE to
happen. This is what makes long-term viable software.

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