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Re: Google summer of code: i18n infrastructure


> Does message gateway hold actual messages and programs pull
> translations from it or is it just an API proxy with the actual
> program repositories holding messages. With storage, it brings up
> questions how to make messages synchronized at any time, without
> storage it brings some additional load on subversion server.

I think that an API proxy would be extremely slow in this case, so the
data must be stored locally on the server.

> Translation servers are not hosted by Debian, but rather by
> individual translation teams or groups of teams. This also shifts the
> burden of hardware demands away from Debian, all we need to do is
> provide a really good web translation software, that's capable
> translating more than Debian, but Debian servers will only provide
> translation for Debian generated strings if there's no translation
> server registered for specific language.

I am not convinced that translation teams should host translation
servers.  Not only this is unnecessary trouble for the teams, but it's
a trouble for the system because instead of an essentially centralized
system we get a completely distributed one.  If you count in
synchronization with upstream, you get even two layers of
distribution.  Nowadays, when a gigabyte of memory and a terabyte of
hard disk space is not that much, storing everything locally would be
cheap, much much cheaper than extensively using the network.

> Web interface has spellcheck, dictionary, format check, download and
> upload integrated. If this software is to be 'the killer translation
> server app', it would need support for policies (eg. what is not
> allowed in translations, how are some words always translated, filter
> for common mistakes ...) and support for translation memory tied to
> policy (eg. because KDE translation guidelines differ from GNOME's).
> It also needs support for searching, since a translator can help
> himsef by searching for a similar string. 

This part will extremely useful when implementing a web interface,
you listed all the nice-to-have things.

> TransDict (the croatian software whose name Christian always forgets)
> could be a better candidate, but unfortunately it's written in perl,
> which is greek to me, so I can't judge.

Same here.  I am a bit wary of using transdict not only because of perl,
but also because it is not object oriented (and hence difficult to
extend and unit-test).  In addition I think that it would not take
much time (a week or two) to reimplement the functionality it provides
in Zope 3 with significantly less (and cleaner) code.  I might be
overconfident though ;)  Anyway, I'm sure we can use at least its ideas
for the interface.  Building stuff is easy, making it usable is the
hard part.

Gintautas Miliauskas

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