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Re: European PT help needed

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On 04/18/2006 10:46 AM, Marco Ferra wrote:
> On 4/18/06, Stephen J. Turnbull <turnbull@sk.tsukuba.ac.jp> wrote:
>>>>>>>"Marco" == Marco Ferra <mferra@gmail.com> writes:
>>    Marco> I hope you (all) didn't forget about the
>>    Marco> portuguese/brazillian thingy.
>>Is this the right place to ask?  I think everybody remembers the
>>issue, but you're asking for progress in resource allocation, right?
> This is the right place to ask, I think.  If it's not, then I'm off
> topic, and I'm sorry for that.  I need directions to the right mailing
> list.

	Marco, I'm working on a migration plan. It will get ready by
the weekend, since I'm travelling to FISL, one of the largest Free
Software events in South America (and in the World). Debian has a
Booth and I'm one of the people in charge, so, I just need one more
week to finish the proposal and forward to all relevant maillist and
people involved. :)

>>Much of that work must be done by the teams involved, and won't affect
>>anybody else (except as the Portuguese translation process improves
>>and contributes more better faster translations for users, and process
>>improvements to the developers -- I include translators! "development"
>>== "extend and improve").  Most of the rest needs to be done by the
>>resource administrators (mailing list admins, etc).
> The (European) Portuguese team does a great effort to bring quality
> translations to Debian, as I'm sure that the others team do. We are
> totally responsable for our efforts, organization policies and
> translations, as you for certain agree.

	I believe that bring teams to inside Debian structure is a good
move and idea. I propose that some time ago, and I support it again.
- -i18n is the right place to coordinate that, -l10n-portuguese is aware
of future changes and I try to keep -www and -project also aware of that.
So, just one more week and we have a plan to discuss the future changes
and steps involved, specially because we need to hear Christian Perrier
(bubbule) on that.

>>If you don't know how to follow up with these issues, I guess this is
>>as good a place as any to ask, but you must do most of the follow up
>>yourself, with the people who can do the work.  Nobody else can do it
>>right for you!
> I have created our translation system trying to unite and organize
> volunteers, but I'm not very good at politics; I have made a simple
> question and I was expecting an answer. Does the mlist
> debian-l10n-portuguese will continue to serve the brazilian team or
> not?  I can't not give myself an answer for this, and if no one does,
> then I'm sure that someone is lacking his own responsabilities on this
> matter.

	Calm down Marco. I already proposed -l10n-portuguese to become
official European Portuguese maillist, and -l10n-portuguese subscribers
are aware of our move to another -l10n maillist.

	I give you an answer, I support the change, but please, give us
some time to work on a smooth change. Usually, people recommends that
you wait three weeks when concating people by mail inside Debian, I'm
still working in other areas and, as I said, I'm in the middle of FISL
preparations, I start the draft of the changes proposal (once again),
but please, give me a couple of weeks to finish that. :)

	I'm sure that, as soon as we bring a proposal of changes,
specially based on already discussed topics from my very old previous
post, Christian and others will show up to comment about and set some

	So, I'm sincerely here, is that too bad to wait a couple of
week until we get ready to do all the changes? Let's say that probably
on May we are going to start the split and other changes.

> Marco

	Kind regards,

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