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Re: European PT help needed

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On 04/12/2006 09:19 AM, Marco Ferra wrote:
> Hi i18n
> In the name of the European Portugese Translators I ask for an advice
> and possible some help. We have coded a custom system to aid us
> coordinate our translation efforts for Debian, but maybe we could use
> some of the infra-structures that are already available for this task.
> For example the dutch team:
> http://dutch.debian.net/
> as access to a number of resources (wiki, mailing lists and software
> aware of pseudo-urls) that helps them, and as in many other languages,
> on the task of coordinating their efforts. The european portuguese
> team has not.  This is probably a historic question because the
> brazilian team already have a portuguese (language) translation and
> the european one always have been left behind. If the two languages
> are one the same, is a discussion of it's own, but the fact is that we
> (europeans) do work hard to translate every piece of the Debian
> GNU/Linux with few resources on our side.

	Marco, good that you bring this question up once again. :)

	Last time I bring this question up and is the desire of
the Brazilian Portuguese Team to share the resources with European
Portuguese Team. I proposed a full split of www and other structures
a couple of months ago and by request we wait some time.

	A lot of parts of Debian already use pt and pt_BR, our
intention is to complete this split to provide our users a better
experience. Miguel (from DebianPT) already agree with me on that.

	Once again, there are no "hidden agenda" or secret historical
itens here, just translators trying to get a better organization. A
good idea, would be create a debian-l10n-brazilian and move our
efforts to there, leaving debian-l10n-portuguese to European Portuguese

> For this I ask for advice, and if it's possible for us to have access
> to the same resources given by Debian for the translation process.

	My advice is to bring back the original discussion and prepare
a plan together with Brazilian Portuguese team to re-sctruture what is
our needs, probably copy the www directory and related stuff. With that
we can arrange the necessary space and the necessary changes for both
teams. I would be happy to help with that, but we still need i18n
coordinators approval and some input from www team.

	BTW, I don't see a need to split debian-users-portuguese and

> Sincere regards
> Marco

	For reference, please visit this thread:


	Kind regards,

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