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Re: European PT help needed

>>>>> "Marco" == Marco Ferra <mferra@gmail.com> writes:

    Marco> I hope you (all) didn't forget about the
    Marco> portuguese/brazillian thingy.

Is this the right place to ask?  I think everybody remembers the
issue, but you're asking for progress in resource allocation, right?

Much of that work must be done by the teams involved, and won't affect
anybody else (except as the Portuguese translation process improves
and contributes more better faster translations for users, and process
improvements to the developers -- I include translators! "development"
== "extend and improve").  Most of the rest needs to be done by the
resource administrators (mailing list admins, etc).

If you don't know how to follow up with these issues, I guess this is
as good a place as any to ask, but you must do most of the follow up
yourself, with the people who can do the work.  Nobody else can do it
right for you!


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