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Re: European PT help needed

I hope you (all) didn't forget about the portuguese/brazillian thingy.

Best regards

On 4/12/06, Marco Ferra <mferra@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/12/06, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) <felipe@cathedrallabs.org> wrote:
> >         Marco, good that you bring this question up once again. :)
> I think that this question must be resolved.  In my behalf thanks for
> participating once again.
> >
> >         Last time I bring this question up and is the desire of
> > the Brazilian Portuguese Team to share the resources with European
> > Portuguese Team. I proposed a full split of www and other structures
> > a couple of months ago and by request we wait some time.
> To share resources is, in theory, a good thing, but many differences
> are between the 2 languages (and in working habits) and in this case I
> think it makes more sense, indeed, the full split.
> >         A lot of parts of Debian already use pt and pt_BR, our
> > intention is to complete this split to provide our users a better
> > experience. Miguel (from DebianPT) already agree with me on that.
> Yes, my view is that Miguel still thinks that the split should be
> made.  This email thread started from our desire (me and his) to have
> more resources and organization allocated.
> >         Once again, there are no "hidden agenda" or secret historical
> > itens here, just translators trying to get a better organization. A
> > good idea, would be create a debian-l10n-brazilian and move our
> > efforts to there, leaving debian-l10n-portuguese to European Portuguese
> > translators.
> What you say makes absolute sense to me. I think brazilian translators
> may have a bit of a hard time moving themselves to a new mailing list,
> and using different resources, and for that in my bug report
> requesting a mailing list (bug #362165) I have suggested something
> like debian-l10n-european-portuguese but it makes more sense to move
> the brazillian team. Mailing lists named:
> debian-l10n-european-portuguese
> debian-l10n-portuguese
> could be misleading.
> >         My advice is to bring back the original discussion and prepare
> > a plan together with Brazilian Portuguese team to re-sctruture what is
> > our needs, probably copy the www directory and related stuff. With that
> > we can arrange the necessary space and the necessary changes for both
> > teams. I would be happy to help with that, but we still need i18n
> > coordinators approval and some input from www team.
> Indeed I (or us) need help on the process, but it's very important
> that some sense is make out of this. We are wasting time, and if this
> transation will never be made (or will take a very long time), it's
> useless, and we are better making and improving our own system.  But,
> to me, the best approach was the separation.
> >         BTW, I don't see a need to split debian-users-portuguese and
> > debian-devel-portuguese.
> Neither do I.
> Marco
> PS:  For example, having a portuguese.debian.net with all our
> resources there would be outstanding. I think that this should exist
> for all teams.

Marco Ferra

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