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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

Proposed path from here:
1) work on improving the wording and documentation of the NM process so as to make it even more clearer that non-maintainers can become DD's and what the T&S requirements are for the different contributor categories

Remove all references to "developer" and replace with "member" as per:

Rename the document to "Debian New Contributors' Corner"

Rewrite the document so that it mentions maintainers as _one_ form of contribution to the DP

Include all the existing forms of contributions on an par level with package maintainers

In Step 1:
Modify "The Applicant needs to have read the developer documentation" to anything applicable to other positions

In Step 4:
Add skills relevant  to the contribution forms identified above.

2) Try to get some get DD's involved in translation/ documentation/... to volunteer as AM specifically for NM's that focus on those areas (i.e. start clearly working out different NM-tracks for different kinds of

Definitely would not hurt.

3) Try to get some concensus on what kind of priviliges the different
contributor categories need, and reflect that concensus in different
   granted privilliges based on the NM-track used (and add the
possibility to get additional priviliges by passing just the T&S part of
   other tracks).

I am not sure "privileges" are necessary. I don't think upload rights are a privilege but rather a necessity.

What matters here is to make a few cosmetic changes to remove all possible confusions. Upload rights are not something to distribute without good reason, just like translation QA responsibility should not be granted to anybody.

Jean-Christophe Helary

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